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Nicholas Hallisey

Rocky Mountains

Nicholas Hallisey is a longtime rural kid and spends lots of time in the outdoors too.
He attended and graduated from on-line school and has taken college classes and has a first-hand perspective of using and creating on-line content and resources.
The 20-year-old performs music and is an Instructor at the Piano Place. He also hosts programs for Nels Anderson and Rural Rhythms.
Nico has hosted several assemblies, after-school sessions and appeared in and filmed videos for nearly his entire lifetime - along with his Dad – “Cowboy” Ted Hallisey – during Cowboy Ted and Friends programs.
Nico also plays and teaches drums, guitar, piano, ukulele and trumpet and loves the music of the 70’s.
He has served as a solo host of training workshops and after-school events since he was 15-years-old.
Nico has hosted dozens of Out-of-School programs, as well as, migrant education programs in California and hosted training sessions for the State 4H Leaders Conference for New Mexico State 4H.

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