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Rotem Kofler

Washington, USA


Rotem Kofler has first-hand experience with the unique lifestyle, needs and qualities of rural communities - after growing up in a rural community in Illinois during her childhood years.

She is looking forward to creating resources for Rural Kids, Families and Communities as part of the Cowboy Ted & Friends leadership team.

Rotem is a student at Washington State University - majoring in Public Relations and Communications.

She also has first-hand experience with using online educational resources - as she has completed most of her own classes online at WSU.

"I am so excited to be part of Cowboy Ted’s Foundation for Kids. I want to be able to help kids learn, grow and help encourage them to be able to do anything they put their minds to. I also love bringing a community together, it creates a good sense of belonging and no one feels left out which is really important to me"

Rotem is also looking forward to learning more and growing Cowboy Ted & Friends reach and impact at the same time as she advances her own career and her professional and personal skill set.

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