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About Us

Supporting Rural Communities

So far, he has hosted school assemblies and programs for over 275,000 kids - to share his message of mental, emotional and physical health and wellness. Over time Cowboy Ted decided to focus entirely on reaching out to Rural Communities. Several friends have also joined Cowboy Ted to share programs with Rural Kids and we have grown to be known as Cowboy Ted & Friends.

New Online Content

Cowboy Ted & Friends currently host an On-line Show for Kids and lots of resources designed specifically for Rural Kids and Families across the United States and around the world. We are also inviting kids and families to share their favorite Rural Activities and Lifestyles and to become part of Cowboy Ted & Friends - as we will feature them on the Weekly Cowboy Ted & Friends On-line Show for Kids - along with videos and other resources - for Rural Communities.


"Cowboy" Ted Hallisey grew up in a rural community with horses and other farm animals. CT loves everything about Rural Lifestyles and is honored to serve as a role model and advocate for Rural Kids and families.


While serving as a rodeo report radio host and media personality - he was asked to develop a wellness program for kids in 1998. He developed an 8-Step Program to Be Healthy and Happy (symbolic of the 8-second ride in Rodeo and the numerical symbol of infinite possibility).

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