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Learning through fun and engaging videos for kids.


Books for kids that spark creativity and learning.


Activities that encourage creativity and growth.

In Person

Take learning to the next level with in-person events.

Saddle Up

Cowboy Ted & Friends offer resources and tools to assist rural families and children in discovering their happy place! We teach children how to develop self-sufficiency and perseverance, as well as how to communicate desires and needs to the world.

For Small Groups

An affordable and fun way for your students to engage with educational content. Our collection of books, videos, and take-home activities, combined with in-class content, ensures your students will be excited and knowledgeable.

For Families

Access a wide range of age-appropriate content, including printable worksheets and exclusive games, your child will have hours of educational fun. Plus, with discounts on a handpicked selection of children’s books, you can encourage a love of reading as well.

For Schools

Engage and inspire your students with a range of exciting books, videos, and in-class worksheets, as well as take-home content that students will love. We also offer in-person live assemblies that are specifically designed to be age-appropriate and engaging.

Our Services

Respect Yourself and Others
Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
Work Hard in School
Be Nice to Others
Set Goals for Yourself
Be Kind to Animals
No Drugs, Alcohol, Or Tobacco
Do One Nice Thing for Another Person Every Day

Eight Steps to Health and Happiness

Nicholas Hallisey
Alexa Timchuk
Allison Knudson

Our Team

Meet the team behind Cowboy Ted, the educational entertainment platform that brings fun education to children everywhere. Our dedicated team, comprised of passionate individuals from rural communities, is committed to providing children with a fun and educational experience they'll never forget!

Get outside, get active, and get healthy with our fun videos and animated features.


We encourage kids to bounce back from difficult conditions.


Join us every Monday for our 15 minute online show for rural kids and families.


Each week we feature a fun kids book written by Cowboy Ted.


Cowboy Ted & Friends Show

Join the Kids Club

Cowboy Ted's Foundation for Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.


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We strive to educate children in developing healthy habits through fun and engaging activities such as, Wellness and Healthy Choices Assembly, Reading & Roping for Kindergartners, After School Fitness Programs, Online Wellness Resources & Videos, “Roping, Reading and Recreation” Summer Camps, and more.

Your Contribution Provides
  • Online resources

  • Assemblies for Rural Schools

  • Summer Programs for Rural Children

Thank You

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our sponsors who make our mission possible. Without their support, we wouldn't be able to provide our educational and entertaining content to children of all ages. Thank you for believing in our mission and helping us make a difference in the lives of children everywhere.

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