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Our Team Members

Meet the team behind Cowboy Ted, the educational entertainment platform that brings the Wild West to life for children everywhere. Our dedicated team, comprised of passionate individuals from rural communities, is committed to providing children with a fun and educational experience they'll never forget!

We also have our board members, working to keep the foundation moving forward. Get to know them by clicking the button below.

Ted Hallisey

Rocky Mountains

"Cowboy" Ted Hallisey's passion is to educate children about healthy lifestyles using his experience as a Rodeo participant and his rural upbringing.

Allison Knudson

Arizona, USA

Allison has a passion for hosting Suicide Prevention programs and helping kids become more resilient and wants kids to Find Their Happy Place.

Tracey Turner

Texas, USA

Tracey Turner, owner of Fithappens gym in Texas, is passionate about fitness and helping others lead healthier lives. As a personal trainer, she motivates clients to reach new heights. Beyond work, Tracey homeschools her five children, emphasizing outdoor education. She kayaks, hikes, and camps, embodying a zest for life and community dedication.

Mckenzie Manthei

Washington, USA

Hi, I’m Mckenzie Manthei, a Senior at Washington State University studying Public Relations and Human Development. I’ve been passionate about competitive cheerleading, having cheered for fifteen years and coached teams for the last four. Teaching and helping kids reach their goals are my passions. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, writing, and learning new skills.

Jack Graddon

Washington, USA

Jack Graddon is passionate about creating accessible, visually pleasing technology. His rural upbringing instilled an appreciation for simplicity and community bonds. His commitment to excellence drives him to enhance web experiences and promote inclusivity.

Rotem Kofler

Washington, USA

Rotem Kofler brings firsthand experience from growing up in a rural community in Illinois. She is excited to create resources for rural kids, families, and communities as part of the Cowboy Ted & Friends leadership team. Rotem’s commitment to online education, community building, and empowering children aligns with her passion for making a positive impact.

Shane Higgins

California, USA

Shane, a former law enforcement officer, works in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry. Shane and his wife have four kids who actively contribute to testing and developing content for Cowboy Ted & Friends. Additionally, Shane is a certified instructor for the National Rifle Association, teaching classes on safe gun use and personal safety.

Joshua Hatt

Washington, USA

Joshua Hatt works in the insurance industry and is a Communications major at Washington State University. He’s well-acquainted with rural life, having spent weekends and summers at his grandparent’s cattle and sheep farm in Moses Lake, WA. Passionate about helping kids, Josh has served as a lifeguard, swim instructor, and volunteer in various locations.

Alexa Timchuk

Oregon, USA

Alexa Timchuk is passionate about using her marketing and communications skills to benefit kids and families in rural communities. She balances her marketing role with teaching dance courses, inspiring creativity and movement.

Eva Binger

Montana, USA

Eva Binger, a recent advertising graduate from Washington State University, is passionate about rural lifestyles, creating resources for families, and nonprofit work. She aims to use her advertising skills and public service experience to serve her community. Her love for reading and the outdoors drives her commitment to making a difference.

Veronica Briggs

Washington, USA

Veronica is a student at Washington State University majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications. She is passionate about making a difference especially among bilingual communities. In her free time, she loves traveling internationally, bonding with friends and family, and being in nature.

Nels Anderson


Nels Anderson has been hosting events for rural communities for over 8 years. His programs aim to help people learn about themselves through rhythm, science, and play. For over twelve years, he has worked with thousands of people internationally, continually developing innovative programs for all ages.

Julz Hallisey

Rocky Mountains

Julz Hallisey, an 18-year-old recent online school graduate, loves rural life. She has ridden horses, raised animals, and appeared in Cowboy Ted & Friends videos. As an animal lover, she’s also the official photographer, videographer, and graphic designer for the show. Julz enjoys outdoor activities like snow skiing, paddle boarding, and hiking.

Nicholas Hallisey

Rocky Mountains

Nicholas Hallisey, a 20-year-old rural enthusiast, spends much time outdoors. Nico is a musician, an Instructor at the Piano Place, and hosts programs for Nels Anderson and Rural Rhythms. He’s been part of Cowboy Ted and Friends videos alongside his dad. Nico plays and teaches various instruments, including drums, guitar, piano, ukulele, and trumpet.

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