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Our Board Members

Cowboy Ted's board members are a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about children's education and entertainment. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team, and are helping to shape the future of Cowboy Ted.

We also have our committed team diligently delivering Cowboy Ted content to subscribers. Get to know them by clicking the button below.


Patrick Isherwood

California, USA

Self Help Enterprises

Bill Miller

Utah, USA

Owner BL CPA

Dakota Adams

Idaho, USA

Professional Bullrider

Michelle Anderson

Mississippi, USA

Infinity Science Center

Eva Binger

Montana, USA

2024 WSU Graduate in Advertising

Debra Giudicessi

Kansas, USA

Retired School Counselor

Eva Madrid

New Mexico, USA

4H Coordinator

Tracey Turner

Texas, USA

Owner of Fithappens Gym
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